At Filtrum, we are committed to the safety and well-being of our team. We ensure that our people are set up for success from the beginning with training programs that provide the right tools and support required. Our commitment doesn’t stop at our team, but includes our partners as well. In order to provide the best possible outcome for our projects, we establish strong collaborations with our clients and partners.

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Safety is critical to every phase of a project. Filtrum Construction’s Occupational Health and Safety practices have been audited to ensure due care in all types of work performed. This practice is carried forward to conform with all OH&S regulations in all jurisdictions and countries where Filtrum Construction works.

Training is an important part of safety. A training and certification software program lists the training that a worker has received and includes a scan of certificates, as well as the expiration date of that training and certification. This software allows for good resource management based on the work to be done. For example, when confined space work is required, the system can identify the workers who received the relevant training and those workers will then be assigned to that job.


Filtrum Construction combines expertise with partnership and collaboration. A successful project demands open communication and excellent customer relationships. We pay as much attention to collaborating with our customers as we do to compliance of drawings and specifications. Our partnerships depend on the scope of the projects: general contractor, subcontractor for traditional or turnkey projects or project manager.

From a global perspective, we are always looking for new partners: solution providers, general contractors, consultants, equipment manufacturers and their representatives who are willing to upgrade their offer to work with Filtrum Construction to supply a complete solution to their client.