Project List

Project List & References

Filtrum Construction has completed more than 2,000 projects since being founded in 1980. Each one has demanded the integration of disciples and extreme attention to detail to create unique and long-term solutions.

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Mohawk Council of KahnawakeKahnawake, QcSupply and Installation of 2 Sluice Gates200430,000
City of La TuqueLa Tuque Secteur Parent, QcMembrane Filtration Treatment2004500,000
Municipality of Cap-SantéCap-Santé, QcDrinking Water Treatment2004600,000
City of MontrealMontréal secteur Lachine, QcClarifiers upgrade2004600,000
City of St-EustacheSt-Eustache, QcDrinking Water Plant Rehabilitation20041,000,000
City of MataneMatane, QcCity Wide Drinking Water System Upgrade20041,200,000
Hydro-QuébecTracy, QcDemineralized Water Treatment20041,300,000
Hydro-QuébecTracy, QcDemineralized Water Piping200530,000
Hydro-QuébecStation Lafontaine, QcPumping Station200560,000
Mohawk Council of KahnawakeKahnawake, QcBooster Station200570,000
Village of MemramcookMemramcook, NBFerrazur/Mangazur Assembly200580,000
Municipality of la Baie-JamesBaie-James Radisson, QcWater Treatment Plant2005300,000
City of Ste-ThérèseSte-Thérèse, QcWWT Plant - Sluice Gates2005300,000
Municipality of St-ModesteSt-Modeste, QcWater Treatment2005300,000
RIEVRVallée-du-Richelieu, QcWTP Expansion-Clarifiers Upgrade2005600,000
City of MontrealMontréal Secteur Pointe-Claire, QcTank Capacity Increase2005600,000
City of BeauharnoisBeauharnois, QcWTP Upgrade2005700,000
Mamit Innuat tribal council of PakuashipiPakua Shipu, QcWater Supply Phase II2005900,000
Municipality of St-Jean-Port-JoliSt-Jean-Port-Joli, QcDrinking Water Treatment Upgrade2005900,000
City of ContrecoeurContrecoeur, QcDAF clarifier Installation20051,000,000
City of Longueuil arrond. BouchervilleLongueuil secteur Boucherville, QcFilter Gallery Upgrade20051,600,000
City of ValleyfieldValleyfield, QcWater Filtration Plant20052,200,000
Municipality of Lac-EtcheminLac-Etchemin, QcWater Treatment Plant-DAF20052,500,000
Mohawk Council of KahnawakeKahnawake, Qc900 m3 tank-process work2006300,000
Mohawk Council of KahnawakeKahnawake, QcBooster Station SLS132006300,000
City of ForestvilleForestville, QcWater Production Facilities Upgrades2006300,000
Municipality of Lac-aux-SablesLac-aux-Sables, QcDrinking Water Upgrades2006400,000
City of Val-d'OrVal-d'Or, QcReplacement of 2 Pumps2006400,000
Montagnais Band Council of NatashquanNatashquan, QcDrinking Water Treatment2006500,000
INAPABarahona, Dominican RepublicDrinking Water Plant20061,100,000
Municipality of Rivière-OuelleRivière-Ouelle, QcSanitation and Water Treatment20061,500,000
City of Mont-LaurierMont-Laurier, QcFiltration Plant20061,800,000
Mohawk Council of KahnawakeKahnawake, QcChlorination200750,000
RGMRM MauricieSt-Étienne-des-Grès, QcDrinking Water Supply2007200,000
Municipality of MariaMaria, QcDrinking Water Upgrades2007300,000
City of Vaudreuil-DorionVaudreuil-Dorion, QcFiltration Plant - Automatization2007400,000
Laval UniversityQuébec, QcWater Supply System Hook-Up Phase II-B2007500,000
Laval UniversityQuébec, QcWater Supply System Replacement Phase 32007500,000
Municipality of St-GervaisSt-Gervais, QcDrinking Water Installations Upgrade20071,300,000
City of Sorel-TracySorel-Tracy, QcOzonation and Chlorination Ph II20071,400,000
City of QuebecQuébec Secteur Beauport, QcWater Treatment Plant20073,400,000
City of Ste-MarieSte-Marie, QcMembrane Water Treatment Plant20077,600,000
Municipality of Campbell's BayCampbell's Bay, QcDrinking Water Upgrades200880,000
Cree Nation of MistissiniMistissini, QcLot 1 - Drinking water2008100,000
ArcelorMittal Mines Canada inc.Port-Cartier, QcFlowmeters2008100,000
Correctional Service of CanadaÉtablissement Port-Cartier , QcDrinking Water Disinfection System2008100,000
Municipality of Rivière-au-TonnerreRivière-au-Tonnerre, QcPumping station2008200,000
City of MétabetchouanMétabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix, QcWells and Drinking Water Tank Controls2008200,000
Municipality of Pointe-aux-OutardesPointe-aux-Outardes, QcWTP and Pumping Station Rehabilitation2008200,000
Municipality of La SarreLa Sarre, QcDrinking Water Supply2008200,000
City of VarennesVarennes, QcBar Screen Replacement2008300,000
Municipality of La SarreLa Sarre , QcDrinking Water Supply2008300,000
UltramarLévis, QcPumping Station #4 (E86)2008500,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcCouronne Nord - Interconnection Lot 22008500,000
City of LongueuilLongueuil, QcParc de la Cité Pumping Station2008600,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcUnderground Chambers - Mechanical2008700,000
City of MontrealUsine Atwater Montréal, QcPumping Station - Filter drain2008800,000
Municipality of St-ZotiqueSt-Zotique, QcDrinking Water Treatment20081,100,000
City of Deux-MontagnesDeux-Montagnes, QcDrinking Water Plant Lot 120081,200,000
City of St-JérômeSt-Jérôme, QcWTP Additions and Upgrades Lot 420083,000,000
Cree Nation of MistissiniMistissini, QcWater Tanks Phase 22009100,000
City of HudsonHudson, QcFiltration Plant2009300,000
Public Works and Government Services CanadaCowansville, QcDrinking Water and Fire Protection Upgrades2009300,000
City of Lac-MéganticLac-Mégantic, QcWTP Expansion - Manganese Removal Filters2009500,000
City of JolietteJoliette, QcOzonation System2009500,000
City of ChibougamauChibougamau, QcPumping Station2009500,000
City of QuébecQuébec, QcPumping Station and Valve Chambers2009600,000
Municipality of Bonne-EspéranceBonne-Espérance , QcDrinking Water Supply2009600,000
Municipality of St-Charles-BorroméeSt-Charles-Borromée, QcCentral Water Pulsator Clarifier Upgrade2009700,000
City of LavaltrieLavaltrie, QcDrinking Water Upgrade Lot 12009700,000
City of La PrairieLa Prairie, QcDrinking Water Tank and Pumping Station2009800,000
City HudsonHudson, QcWater Treatment Plant2009900,000
Municipality of St-IrénéeSt-Irénée, QcDrinking Water Installations Upgrade2009900,000
City of SaguenayChicoutimi Nord, QcDrinking Water Supply20091,200,000
City of La TuqueLa Tuque, QcMembrane Water Treatment Plant20091,300,000
Municipality of Fort-CoulongeFort-Coulonge, QcMembrane Water Treatment Plant20091,600,000
Université LavalQuébec, QcWater Supply System Upgrade Phase 420091,600,000
SEBJ James BayWaskaganish, QcMembrane Water Treatment Plant20092,600,000
City of Trois-RivièresTrois-Rivières, QcWTP Upgrade - Chemical Dosing systems20093,100,000
City of MontrealPierrefonds, QcWTP - High and Low Pressure Pumping20093,600,000
City of GatineauGatineau secteur Aylmer, QcDAF WTP Upgrade20096,600,000
City of MontrealMontréal Usine Atwater et Des Baillets, QcOn Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generating System20098,900,000
Defence Construction CanadaValcartier, QcWater Monitoring System201030,000
City of CaraquetCaraquet, QcBooster Station2010200,000
City of MagogMagog, QcMembrane Drinking Water Treatmetn Plant - Control System2010300,000
Municipality of Ste-Geneviève-de-BatiscanSte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan, QcAerated Lagoons2010300,000
Municipality of Ste-JulienneSte-Julienne, QcHelene Well2010300,000
Municipality of St-CyprienSt-Cyprien, QcDrinking Water Supply2010300,000
City of LavalLaval, Usine Chomedey, QcChomedey WT Plant - Instrumention Lot 12010300,000
City of St-HyacintheSt-Hyacinthe, QcWTP Filter Valve Automation2010500,000
Municipality of LanoraieLanoraie, QcWells2010600,000
City of QuebecQuébec, Qc2 WTP, Beauport and Charlesbourg - Ozone Generation systems2010800,000
City of MontrealPierrefonds, QcWTP Upgrade-Electrical and Control2010800,000
City of Trois-RivièresTrois-Rivières, QcWater Intake Building-Mechanical Work20101,100,000
Université LavalQuébec, QcWater Supply System Replacement Phase 620101,200,000
City of BerthiervilleBerthierville, QcGravity Filters Upgrade20101,900,000
City of ChibougamauChibougamau, QcDrinking Water Treatment Plant20102,700,000
City of St. John'sBay Bulls, NLWater Treatment Plant-DAF Pretreatment Addition20103,800,000
City of LavalLaval, QcChomedey Plant Lot 1 Filters Upgrade - Mechanical20104,200,000
City of Corner BrookCorner Brook, NLBayview Heights Pumping Station upgrade201190,000
Municipality of ColombierColombier, QcWater Treatment Plant Upgrade2011300,000
City of SaguenayJonquière, QcDrinking Water Plant2011500,000
City of GranbyGranbyWater Treatment Plant - Automation2011500,000
Municipality of TadoussacTadoussac, QcDrinking Water Plant2011700,000
City of MatagamiMatagami, QcFiltration Plant Upgrade2011700,000
City of CornwallCornwall , OntFilter Rehabilitation Phase II20111,000,000
Mohawk Council of KahnawakeKahnawake, QcMembrane WTP20111,000,000
City of Saint JohnSaint John, NBThorne Avenue Pumping Station20112,000,000
City of La PrairieLa Prairie, QcDrinking Water Plant Upgrade20114,800,000
Municipality of St-Félix-de-ValoisSt-Félix-de-Valois, QcDomaine Belleville Drinking Water Station201150,000
Municipality of Val-BrillantVal-Brillant, QcDrinking Water Supply Phase II201180,000
Kativik Regional GovernmentQuaqtaq, QcWTP - Upgrade2011200,000
City of ThursoThurso, QcDrinking Water plant20112,100,000
Defence Construction Canada (St-Jean)CDC, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QcChlorination System Upgrade2011100,000
RAIMTerrebonne, QcMasson Basin - Water Reservoir Expansion2011400,000
Municipality of St-Joseph-de-LepageSt-Joseph-de-Lepage, QcRoad 132 - Pumping Station and Booster Station - Instrumentation201130,000
Municipality of St-Joseph-de-LepageSt-Joseph-de-Lepage, QcRoad 132 - Pumping Station and Booster Station - Mechanical2011200,000
Municipality of Notre-Dame-de-LoretteNotre-Dame-de-Lorette, QcDrinking Water Production System Upgrade ph II2011200,000
Municipality of St-Jean-Port-JoliMunicipalité de St-Jean-Port-Joli, QcFiltration Plan - Filtre Reconditioning2011100,000
Municipality of Métis-sur-MerMétis-sur-Mer, QcDrinking Water Supply2011200,000
Municipality of Canton de StratfordStratford, QcDrinking Water Upgrade201190,000
City of St-Jean-sur-RichelieuSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QcWTP Screening Units2011400,000
City of CandiacCandiac, QcCandiac Distribution Pump201190,000
City of Ste-Marthe-sur-le-LacSte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, QcUnderground Water Supply2011100,000
Town of Rivière-VerteRivière-Verte, NBDrinking TP Water Upgrade2011200,000
Municipality of St-ZénonSt-Zénon, QcLac Tessier - Drinking Water Supply2011100,000
City of BécancourBécancour, QcOzonation System Replacement20121,400,000
City of PercéPercé, QcDrinking Water Supply2012300,000
City of AmosAmos, QcReservoir Mechanical Pumping Station Improvement2012400,000
City of JolietteJoliette, QcInstallation of 2 Ozone Generators201260,000
Mohawk Council of KahnawakeKahnawake, QCSLS 13 - Valves Chamber201220,000
Municipality of Notre-Dame-des-MontsNotre-Dame-des-Monts, QCWater Supply Automation2012100,000
Village of Clair (NB)Clair, NBSunnymel Plant - Water Supply201290,000
City of LévisLévis secteur Pintendre, QCFire Protection Upgrades2012300,000
Municipality of Ste-MoniqueSte-Monique, QCBooster Station Upgrades201280,000
City of Rouyn-NorandaRouyn-Noranda, QCWater Treatment Plant - Filter #2 Rehab2012200,000
Village of DoaktownDoaktown, NBNorth Shore Water Supply2012200,000
Kativik Regional GovernmentUmiujaq, QCDrinking Water Station201260,000
Kativik Regional GovernmentUmiujaq, QCDrinking Water Supply2012600,000
City of MontrealMontreal, QCPointe-Claire WTP - Valves and Automation20122,200,000
City of QuebecQuebec City , QCWater Hammer Reduction System201230,000
City of Grande-RivièreGrande-Rivière, QCWater Supply - Lot 220121,300,000
Whapmagoostui First NationWhapmagoostui, QCWater Pumping Station20121,400,000
HRWC HalifaxHalifax, NSBennery Lake High Lift Pump Installation2012100,000
Montreal - Atwater WTPMontreal, QCAtwater Drinking Water Plant Automation20121,200,000
City of MontrealMontreal, QCAtwater Plant - Water Supply System Canal Upgrade2012200,000
City of MontrealMontreal, QCAtwater Plant - Contact Chamber Conversion201290,000
RIETSJSRSorel-Tracy, QCAlum and Caustic Soda Reservoir Modification2012100,000
Municipality of St-Jacques-le-MineurSt-Jacques-le-Mineur, QCPumping Station201270,000
City of St-LazareSt-Lazare, QCSte-Angélique - WTP Upgrades2012600,000
City of St-LazareSt-Lazare, QCSte-Angélique - WTP Upgrades2012800,000
Town of Pigeon CovePigeon Cove - St. Barbe, NLWater Supply Upgrades - Phase II2012200,000
City of SaguenayChicoutimi, QCWater Treatment Plant - Chlorinator Replacement201260,000
City of Val-d'OrVal-d'Or, QCVal-Senneville - Pumping station2012200,000
AIBR Bas-RichelieuSt-Denis-sur-Richelieu, QCMembrane Filtration Cell relocation2012200,000
City of LavalLaval, QCSte-Rose Plant - Plant upgrades20127,500,000
Municipality of VilleroyVilleroy, QCWell 99-2010-ROC controls implementation201230,000
City of St-LazareSt-Lazare, QCSampling System201230,000
City of St-LazareSt-Lazare, QCSte-Angélique WTP - Equipment Supply and Installation2012900,000
Municipality of St-Charles-BorroméeSt-Charles-Borromée, QCWater Treatment Plant Upgrades - Ozonation and Filtration20121,600,000
City of ChibougamauChibougamau, QcDufresne Booster Station Reconstruction2012500,000
City of ChibougamauChibougamau, QCDufresne Booster Station Reconstruction2012500,000
Innu Council of PessamitBetsiamites, QCWater supply - Phase 12013400,000
Anishnabe Tribal Council of Lac-SimonLac Simon, QCWater Treatment Controls Upgrades2013300,000
City of WatervilleWaterville, QCWater Treatment System Upgrades20132,100,000
City of St-Jean-sur-RichelieuSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QCFilter Piping Replacement201360,000
Pagé Construction div. Sintra inc. (Bécancour)Bécancour, QCValve Chambers201340,000
City of Corner BrookCorner Brook, NLDesign-Build Water Treatment Plant20133,800,000
Town of BonavistaBonavista, NLMain Pump House Upgrades2013200,000
Town of Admiral's BeachAdmiral's Beach, NLWater System Upgrades2013200,000
City of MontrealUsine Lachine Montréal, QCWater Distribution System Monitoring - Electrical and Plumbing201330,000
Quebec Transportation DepartmentDorval, Montréal, QCGenerator Supply and Installation2013600,000
Town of Bay de VerdeBay de Verde, NLWater Systems CP2 Upgrapes2013200,000
City of St-LazareSt-Lazare, QCControl Panel and Automation201340,000
RIEM MassawippiNorth Hatley, QCWater Treatment Plant Construction Lot 120132,200,000
Municipality of Rivière-au-TonnerreRivière-au-Tonnerre, QCWater Treatment Plant Upgrades2013200,000
City of MontrealMontreal, QCatwater Plant Actuator Replacements2013100,000
Municipality of St-AlexandreSt-Alexandre, QCWater Treatment Plant Modification2013400,000
Town of Grand Falls-WindsorTown of Grand Falls-Windsor, NLExploits Regional WTP - Hydrated Lime Upgrade2013800,000
Municipality of St-ElzéarSt-Elzéar, QCBooster Pump and Control Panel Replacement2013100,000
Municipality of BouchetteBouchette, QCControl Panel Upgrade201310,000
City of SaguenaySaguenay - Jonquière, QCJonquière WTP - Membrane System20137,000,000
Municipality of Pointe-LebelPointe-Lebel, QCWater Treatment Upgrades - Phase 22013400,000
City of St-PamphileSt-Pamphile, QCWater Supply Upgrades2013700,000
City of LongueuilLongueuil, QCUpgrade of WTP - UV reactors20139,700,000
Municipality of LandrienneLandrienne, QCWater Pumping Station Modernization2013200,000
Public Works and Government Services CanadaSt. Anthony, NLPumphouse Upgrades2013100,000
Municipality of St-Philippe-de-NériSt-Philippe-de-Néri, QCWater Supply Improvements2013200,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QCMarcel Laurin - Booster Station Upgrade2013500,000
City of LavalLaval, QCSte-Dorothée - Pumping Station20131,300,000
Municipality of La ReineLa Reine, QCWater Treatment System Upgrades2013100,000
City of ChâteauguayChâteauguay, QCIle St-Bernard Pumping Station201350,000
Municipality of Baie-TrinitéBaie-Trinité, QCWater Production Facilities Upgrades2013200,000
Innu Council of PessamitPessamit, QCWater Filtration Plant Upgrades20131,400,000
City of Vaudreuil-DorionVaudreuil-Dorion, QCWater Filtration Plant Expansion and Upgrades20136,600,000
Municipality of AlbanelAlbanel, QCBooster Station Modernization201470,000
Municipality of Stoneham-et-TewkesburyStoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QCPP-1 Station - Pump Replacement201450,000
HRWC HalifaxHalifax, NSJ.D. Kline Water Treatment Plant - Chlorination System Upgrades2014600,000
Village of Baker BrookBaker-Brook, NBModification of the Wells2014100,000
Municipality of Ste-SophieSte-Sophie, QcWater Filtration Plant - UV Reactors Installation2014100,000
Municipality of St-Prosper-de-ChamplainSt-Prosper-de-Champlain, QcDrinking Water Distribution and Treatment20141,100,000
Indian Brook First NationIndian Brook, NSWater Supply Upgrades - Phase 22014200,000
City of MontrealUsine Lachine, Montréal, QcChemical Dosing System201450,000
Hydro Technologies (Canada) inc.Hydro Technologies, QcProcess Controllers and Screens Programming201440,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcUsine Des Baillets - Drainage System Upgrade201430,000
Municipality of East BroughtonEast-Broughton, QcDrinking Water Treatment System Upgrade20141,600,000
City of Deux-MontagnesDeux-Montagnes, QcChemical System Automatization201460,000
City of BeaupréBeaupré, QcTelemetry System Upgrade and Programming201430,000
RIEP Varennes, Ste-Julie,St-AmableVarennes, QcRaw Water and Clarified Water Pipe Lot 102014700,000
Développements des Bassins inc.Montréal, QcBDH2 - Supply and Installation of Rain Water Management System2014200,000
City of CarignanCarignan, QcReplacement of Distribution Pumps2014200,000
City of DonnaconaDonnacona, QcReplacement of Pumps - Filtration Plant2014200,000
City of QuébecQuébec, QcRedevelopment of Grande Allée201460,000
City of GranbyGranby, QcClarifier Rehab2014200,000
City of LévisLévis, QcSt-Omer Tank - Supply and Install 75HP Pump201450,000
Municipality of Ste-Hélène-de-BagotSte-Hélène-de-Bagot, QcRaw Water Pumps - Filtration Plant201440,000
Innu Council of PessamitPessamit, QcRaw Water Pumping Station2014100,000
RIEVROtterburn Park, QcDrinking Water Reservoir Capacity Increase and Filtration Plant Upgrade2014900,000
City of LévisLévis, QcAnciens-Combattants Tank - Aqueduct Modification2014300,000
Municipality of Cap-St-IgnaceCap-St-Ignace, QcDrinking Water Tank2014300,000
Municipality of Ste-FélicitéSte-Félicité, QcInstallation of a Pressure Reducer201440,000
Municipality of St-NarcisseSt-Narcisse, QcDrinking Water Supply2014800,000
Municipality of North GrenvilleNorth Grenville, OnEast Quadrant Water Distribution System Expansion2014600,000
Municipality of Campbell's BayCampbell's Bay, QcDrinking Water Treatment201460,000
RAIMTerrebonne, QcDiesel engine pump Replacement2014100,000
Fabrik Habitations SimplifiéesQuébec, QcLouis XIV Pumping station201480,000
Municipality of BeaumontBeaumont, QcP-5 Well and Booster Station Connection2014200,000
City of ChâteauguayChâteauguay, QcController Replacement201460,000
City of JolietteJoliette, QcFiltration Plant - Replacement of Three Water Valves201570,000
City of LévisLévis, QcCharny Drinking Water Plant - Capacity Increase20157,900,000
City of St-Jean-sur-RichelieuSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QcOzone Production System20151,800,000
City of St-Jean-sur-RichelieuSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QcOzonation System Replacement2015400,000
Township of NipigonNipigon, OnFiltration System Automation2015400,000
10718 Newfoundland Inc.St. John's, NLGlencrest Booster Pump Station2015700,000
City of LavalLaval, QcPont-Viau Station Renovation2015400,000
Municipality of St-David-de-FalardeauSt-David, QcLe Valinouet- Veolia Equipement Installation201590,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcLasalle Raw Water Intake Hydrocarbon Analyzer Installation201550,000
Cree Nation of EastmainEastmain, QcWater Supply Phase 2 - Capacity Increase2015700,000
Cree Nation of EastmainEastmain, QcWater Supply Capacity Increase20151,000,000
HRWC HalifaxHalifax, NSWater Booster Station Upgrade2015140,000
City of St. John'sSt. John's, NLWindsor Lake Mechanical Buildout of Primery Filter Cell # 62015200,000
City of ChâteauguayChâteauguay, QcFord Booster Station & Marchand Well Renovation2015800,000
Municipality of St-Prosper (Beauce)St-Prosper, QcValve Chamber - Piping and Electricity201540,000
Defence Construction CanadaValcartier, QcPolymer Dosage201570,000
Habitations DEP inc.Château-Richer, QcValve Chamber201550,000
J.E. Rainville ltdStoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QcDes Grands-Ducs - Well PE-07201540,000
Town of PasadenaPasadena, NLWater Treatment Plant - Scada System201570,000
City of St-HyacintheSt-Hyacinthe, QcNon-return Valve Supply and Installation201520,000
City of SaguenayChicoutimi, QcFilters 5 and 6 Upgrade2015500,000
Cree Nation of ChisasibiChisasibi, QcPumping Station Renovation2015300,000
City of LongueuilLongueuil, Qc450 mm Valve Replacement201520,000
City of Mont-JoliMont-Joli, QcRaw Water Pumping Station201540,000
City of BromontBromont, QcRechlorination Station201560,000
Municipality of Rivière-St-JeanRivière-St-Jean, QcDrinking Water Plant Upgrade201570,000
City of Ste-Catherine-de-la-JCSte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, QcP-8 Well Development201550,000
Municipality of RawdonRawdon, QcSt-Patrick Plant Capacity Increase2015600,000
City of MontrealMontréal, Qc750mm Pipes, 5 Measuring Chambers2015300,000
City of St-ConstantSt-Constant, QcBélanger Street - Pumping Station201530,000
Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Mont-CarmelNotre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, QcFeed Line Replacement201530,000
Longueuil - Supply ServicesLongueuil, QcPumping Station - Supply and Install Variable Speed Drives201580,000
City of Montreal (Water Department)Montréal, Qc1200 mm Drinking Water Pipe2015300,000
City of Baie-ComeauBaie-Comeau, QcDrinking Water Equipment Supply and Installation20163,900,000
City of Baie-ComeauBaie-Comeau, QcMembrane WTP and Pumping Station - Mechanical20162,600,000
City of DrummondvilleDrummondville, QcCOT Analyser Supply and Installation201690,000
City of CandiacCandiac, QcMotor Reconditioning & Pump Supply and Installation201660,000
Defence Construction CanadaValcartier, QcDrinking Water Distribution System2016400,000
Fishing Lake Metis SettlementFishing Lake, ABWater Treatment Plant Upgrades2016600,000
City of Lac-DelageLac-Delage, QcElectric Panel - Des Crans Booster Station201630,000
City of ChâteauguayChâteauguay, QcDrinking Water Booster Plant20161,700,000
Municipality of St-IsidoreSt-Isidore, QcDrinking Water and Wastewater Treatment2016900,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcAddition of Flowmeters Phase II2016700,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcCôte Sillery - Valve Chamber2016100,000
Municipality of St-Ferréol-les-NeigesSt-Ferréol-Les-Neiges, QcAddition of 2 Flow Meter Underground Chambers201670,000
Mamit Innuat tribal council of PakuashipiPakua Shipu, QcWTP Modifications2016200,000
Longueuil - St-Hubert boroughLongueuil, QcLe Royer WTP - Equipment Upgrade20161,400,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcMontreal East - Pressure Regulation2016100,000
Lac La Biche CountyLac La Biche, ABWater Treatment Plant Improvements2016900,000
City of Trois-RivièresTrois-Rivières, QcIndustrial Park 40/55 - Valve Chambers201650,000
Municipality of Rivière-St-JeanRivière-St-Jean, QcControl Panel Replacement2016100,000
City of QuebecQuébec, Qc7 Valve Chambers PSP160548 Rehabilitation2016200,000
City of LongueuilLongueuil, QcLa Savane Drinking Water Reservoir20161,900,000
City of St-HyacintheSt-Hyacinthe, QcSluice Gate Valves Suply and Installation201650,000
Longueuil - Supply ServicesLongueuil, QcRegionale WTP Diesel Engine2016900,000
City of RimouskiRimouski, QcChlorination System Update2016200,000
Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq NationRed Bank, NBWater Booster Station2016400,000
City of Sept-ÎlesSept-Îles, QcPumping Stations Automation201670,000
MVRWMC Mountain ViewRed Deer County, ABWTP UV Upgrade2016700,000


City of QuebecQuébec, QcIncinerator - Boiler Vents2004100,000
RGMRM MauricieSt-Étienne-des-Grès, QcBiogas Combustion Phase A2004400,000
City of QuebecIncinérateur de Québec, QcFly Ash Separation Lot 52004700,000
WM Québec inc. (St-Nicéphore)St-Nicéphore, QcBiogas Destruction-Flare2006200,000
R.I.E.D.S.B.M.Cowansville, QcFlare Installation2007200,000
UltramarLévis, QcPiping - Tank - Flare2008100,000
BPR ConstructionDivers site, QcFlare Installation200920,000
WM Québec inc. (St-Nicéphore)St-Nicéphore, QcLandfill - Biogas Collection201020,000
WM Québec inc. (St-Nicéphore)St-Nicéphore, QcBiogas Flare2010200,000
City of St. John'sSt. John's, NLRobin Hood Bay Landfill - Flare2011600,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcIncinerator - Fly Ash Separation20111,000,000
WM Québec inc.WM Ste-Sophie, QcTelemetry Network Modification2011100,000
Mauricie Residual Materials Management DepartmentChamplain, QcChamplain Landfill - Biogas Destruction System2011100,000
EBI Énergie inc.St-Thomas, QcSt-Thomas - Biogas Cogeneration20111,700,000
MDDELCCCantley, QcDMS Upgrade-Biogas Flare2011400,000
WM Québec inc.WM St-Nicéphore, QCBiogas Flowmeter Installation2012100,000
City of RimouskiLET Rimouski, QCLandfill Biogas Destriction Unit2012400,000
Cliffs Natural ResourcesMine du Lac Bloom, QCPump Skid Supply, Installation and Plumbing201290,000
AMTMontréal, QcMont-Royal Tunnel- Electrical work2014200,000
Lidya Énergie S.E.C.Lachute, QcFlare Supply and Installation2015100,000
FRSWC FrederictonFredericton, NBLandfill Gas Treatment System Mechanical Works2015100,000
City of St-HyacintheSt-Hyacinthe, QcOrganic waste 200 000 t/year biogas plant201522,800,000
EBI Énergie inc.St-Thomas, QcBiogas Desulfurization Plant2015700,000
City of St-HyacintheSt-Hyacinthe, QcAnaerobic Digestion - Biogas Purification201612,700,000


UltramarLévis, QcFire Protection Piping2004400,000
UltramarLévis, QcFire Protection Piping20041,100,000
Les Alcools de Commerce Québec inc.Varennes, QcEthanol Plant - Tank Piping200540,000
UltramarLévis, QcUnit 04 - Piping200560,000
Hydro-Technologie (Canada) inc.Québec, QcT-05 Automation200570,000
UltramarLévis, QcUnit 15 - Fire Protection Piping2005100,000
UltramarLévis, QcTorche Section - Fire Protection Piping2005300,000
Abitibi Consolidated inc. Division ClermontClermont, QcWorkers Safety Upgrade-Lifelines200640,000
Hydro-QuébecLévis, QcCooling Pipe Connection200650,000
Demix AgrégatsLongueuil, QcManufactured Sand - Piping200660,000
Hydro-QuébecLévis, QcPiping Installation200670,000
Hydro-QuébecLévis, QcPiping - Generator200720,000
UltramarLévis, QcDrainage Piping200750,000
UltramarLévis, QcFire Protection Piping (Railroad Area)200780,000
UltramarLévis, QcE-86 Pumping Station - Underground Piping2007400,000
UltramarLévis, QcSteam Piping Installation200810,000
UltramarLévis, QcNew Laboratory - Fire Protection Piping200850,000
UltramarLévis, QcUnit 55 C3491-105/106 - Fire Protection Piping200850,000
UltramarLévis, QcRIAD Fire Protection Pumping Station200880,000
Orica Canada/Brownsburg WorksMalartic, QcOsisko Mine - Electricity2010900,000
UltramarLévis, QcPiping Lot 7300-1022011100,000
Gestion Fibrek inc.Usine Fibrek, St-Félicien, QcGalvanized Steel Pipes201140,000
UltramarUltramar Raffinerie Jean-Gaulin, Lévis, QCFire Protection Piping C7300-104201220,000
UltramarUltramar Raffinerie Jean-Gaulin, Lévis, QCOdour Control201250,000


Intersan inc.Ste-Sophie, QcSanitary Landfill Pumping Station200460,000
Cree Nation of ChisasibiChisasibi, QcPumping Station 2200480,000
CTBM MontérégieSt-Pie, QcWWT Process Equipment2004300,000
Montreal AirportMontréal, QcPumping Station2004400,000
Leclerc Cookies LtdSt-Augustin, QcEffluent Treatment Phase II2004500,000
City of Vaudreuil-DorionVaudreuil-Dorion, QcWastewater Pumping Station2004500,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcLaurentien Retention Pond2004500,000
RCM Vallée-de-la-GatineauVallée-de-la-Gatineau, QcSeptic Tank Sludge Treatment2004900,000
Great Blue Heron Charity CasinoPort-Perry, OnWasterwater Treatment System200520,000
Viandes de la Petite Nation inc - Slaughter HouseSt-André-Avellin, QcEffluent Treatment200520,000
EnvirogainSt-Romuald, QcStainless Steel Booster Pumps Piping Replacement200520,000
Hydro-QuébecCampement Flamand, QcWastewater Treatment200540,000
PJCCILongueuil, QcPiping Modification200550,000
AgropurNotre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, QcAir Diffusion System Replacement200550,000
RGMRM MauricieSt-Étienne-des-Grès, QcLeachate Collection and Pumping200580,000
Intersan inc.Ste-Sophie, QcPumping Station Phase I200590,000
Intersan inc.Ste-Sophie, QcPumping Station Phase II2005100,000
CTBM MontérégieSt-Pie, QcControl Equipment Lot 32005100,000
RIDRRivière-Rouge, QcMarchand Sanitary Landfill Leachate Tretment Capacity Increase2005200,000
RAEDGJJoliette, QcVieux-Moulin Pumping Station2005200,000
ProgelTerrebonne, QcMBR2005200,000
Intersan inc.Ste-Sophie, QcSBR2005300,000
City of Pont-RougePont-Rouge, QcWater Treatment Plant Expansion2005300,000
Municipality of YamaskaYamaska, QcWater Treatment2005600,000
Municipality of St-Denis-sur-RichelieuSt-Denis-sur-Richelieu, QcWastewater Treatment2005600,000
Hydro-QuébecCentrale Bersimis 2, QcRehabilitation of Drainage System2005800,000
Municipality of St-Mathias-sur-RichelieuSt-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, QcPumping Station Rehabilitation2005800,000
City of ChamblyChambly, QcWastewater Treatment20051,300,000
EnvirogainSt-Romuald, QcAeration header200620,000
MPI Moulin à Papier de Portneuf inc.Portneuf, QcEffluent Treatment200650,000
Dépôt Rive Nord inc.St-Thomas, QcWWTP - Piping manufacturing200650,000
WM Québec inc.Ste-Sophie, QcSanitary Landfill Pumping Station Zone 4, Phase 2200660,000
CTBM MontérégieSt-Pie, QcAutomatization Works Phase II200660,000
UltramarLévis, QcUnit 18 - Piping Installation2006100,000
Municipality of St-Charles-sur-RichelieuSt-Charles-sur-Richelieu, QcWater Treatment Works Phase 12006200,000
Mamit Innuat tribal council of PakuashipiPakua Shipu, QcWater Treatment2006300,000
Dépôt Rive Nord inc.St-Thomas, QcPumping Station and Valve Chambers2006300,000
City of St-ConstantSt-Constant, QcBerger Pumping Station2006300,000
Municipality of St-Stanislas-de-KostkaSt-Stanislas-de-Kostka, QcWastewater Treatment2006400,000
Quebec Transportation Department (Mtl)Montréal, QcPumping Station Rehabilitation2006400,000
Municipality of PricePrice, QcWater Treatment System2006400,000
CTBM MontérégieSt-Pie, QcSludge Treatment Phase II2006500,000
City of QuebecRoc Amadour Québec, QcPumping Station and Retention Tank2006500,000
CRM of Nouvelle BeauceFrampton, QcLeachate Treatment2006600,000
City of BoisbriandBoisbriand, QcWTP Disinfection System Replacement2006600,000
Municipality of St-MathieuSt-Mathieu et St-Philippe, QcWastewater Treatment2006900,000
Dépôt Rive Nord inc.St-Thomas, QcLandfill Leachate Treatment Plant20062,200,000
UltramarLévis, QcUnderground Fire protection Piping200720,000
AgropurNotre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, QcWater Purification200730,000
WM Québec inc.St-Nicéphore, QcSanitary Landfill Control and Telemetry System200760,000
Agromex inc.Ange-Gardien,QcMCC Supply and Programming200790,000
Agromex inc.Ange-Gardien,QcMCC Installation2007100,000
Canneberges Atoka inc.Manseau, QcEffluent Treatment2007100,000
Agromex inc.Ange-Gardien,QcWastewater Treatment Plant2007100,000
City of CandiacCandiac, QcMermoz Pumping Station2007200,000
Canadian NationalMontréal, QcCN - Pumping Station Highway 252007200,000
Agromex inc.Ange-Gardien,QcWTP Instrumentation2007200,000
Dépôt Rive Nord inc.St-Thomas, QcSPR-17 Pumping Station2007200,000
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – CanadaValleyfield, QcWastewater Treatment2007200,000
WM Québec inc. (St-Nicéphore)St-Nicéphore, QcAerated Lagoons2007200,000
RGMRM MauricieSt-Étienne-des-Grès, QcLeachate Treatment2007300,000
City of Côte-St-LucCôte-St-Luc, QcCavendish Pumping Station2007500,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcRetention Tanks Phase 2 & 32007700,000
Quebec Transportation Department (Mtl)Montréal, QcPumping Station 322007700,000
City of Notre-Dame-de-L'île-PerrotNotre-Dame-de-l'île-Perrot, QcP-8 Pumping Station Renovation2007800,000
Irving Oil inc.St-Liboire, QcDrinking Water and Wastewater Treatment20071,000,000
City of Notre-Dame-de-L'île-PerrotNotre-Dame-de-l'île-Perrot, QcStation P020071,300,000
Cascade - Rolland DivisionSt-Jérôme, QcBaffle Curtains Installation200820,000
American Iron & Metal IncMontréal, QcPumping Station200830,000
WM Québec inc.Ste-Sophie, QcSanitary Landfill - Telemetry200850,000
Frigo d'or incVilleroy, QcAeration Headers200850,000
Port Authorities of MontréalPort de Montréal, QcSewers200860,000
WM Québec inc.Ste-Sophie, QcSanitary Landfill - Forcemain200860,000
WM Québec inc.Ste-Sophie, QcSanitary Landfill Leachate Heating200870,000
WM Québec inc.St-Nicéphore, QcLeachate Treatment2008100,000
Olin Chloracalis ProductsBécancour, QcPumping Station2008100,000
CRM of Lac-St-Jean-EstL'Ascension, QcLeachate Pumping Station2008200,000
City of LavalLaval, QcTelemetry System Phase I2008200,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcLimoilou Station - Pump PL-82008300,000
Municipality of St-HippolyteSt-Hippolyte, QcPumping Station2008300,000
City of MontréalMontréal, QcWeather Station2008300,000
City if ShawiniganShawinigan, QcSewer Pumping Station Upgrade2008300,000
WM Québec inc.Ste-Sophie, QcSanitary Landfill - Leachate Heating2008300,000
Ville de Trois-RivièresTrois-Rivières, QcEqualization Piping2008400,000
CRM of East ChalevoixClermont, QcPumping Station and Leachate Treatment System2008400,000
Municipality of ShawvilleShawville, QcWastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade2008500,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcSupply and Installation of 8 Sluice Gate Actuators2008600,000
City of LongueuilLongueuil, QcSludge Treatment System20081,500,000
Les Oeufs Ovale S.E.C.St-Lambert-de-Lauzon,QcpH Monitoring System200930,000
WM Québec inc.St-Nicéphore, QcPumping Station200970,000
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – CanadaSt-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QcPiping Production and Installation2009100,000
The Crees of Waskaganish First NationWaskaganish, QcSP3 Pumping Station2009100,000
Quebec Transportation Department (Mtl)Autoroute 15/30Drainage System2009100,000
CRM of Haut St-FrançoisBury, QcLeachate Treatment2009100,000
City of MontrealMontréal secteur Lasalle, QcBar Screen System Replacement2009200,000
City of MontrealMontréal villeray/St-Michel, QcFrancon Pumping Station (instrumentation)2009200,000
WM Québec inc. (St-Nicéphore)St-Nicéphore, QcTelemetry2009200,000
WM Québec inc.St-Nicéphore, QcLeachate Heating System2009200,000
City of ChibougamauChibougamau, QcLandfill Leachate Treatment Plant2009200,000
Municipality of LotbinièreLotbinière, QcLagoons Aeration System2009200,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcU16 Sewer Pumping Station2009200,000
RIDT TémiscouataDegelis, QcLeachate Water Treatment2009400,000
RAETM Terrebonne MascoucheTerrebonne/Mascouche, QcPumping Station2009400,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcSt-Pascal Lift Station2009600,000
Roland Thibault inc.Ste-Cécile-de-Milton, QcWater Treatment System2009700,000
City of Ste-MarieSte-Marie, QcChassé WW Lift Station2009700,000
CRM of Haut St-FrançoisCookshire, QcLandfill Leachate Treatment Phase 12009700,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcFrancon Pumping Station2009800,000
Dépôt Rive Nord inc.St-Thomas, QcBioreactors Addition20091,000,000
City of QuebecQuébec Rivière Lorette, QcLift Station Phase 1 Lot 220091,200,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcShevchenko Main Sewer Sceening System20091,500,000
City of MontrealMontréal, Qc20 Hydraulic Actuators Sluice Gates in Collector20092,100,000
WM Québec inc. (St-Nicéphore)St-Nicéphore, QcCondensate Traps201030,000
Quebec Transportation Department (Ouest-de-la-Montérégie)Candiac, Autoroute 30, QcPumping Station Instrumentation2010100,000
Town of Clair (NB)Clair, NBWWTP Aeration System2010100,000
The Crees of Waskaganish First NationWaskaganish, QcJSC Watt WW Pumping Station2010200,000
Municipality of Ste-Angèle-de-PrémontSte-Angèle-de-PrémontWastewater Treatment2010200,000
City of ChamblyChambly, QcWW Lift Station2010200,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcSt-Laurent - WW Pumping Station2010200,000
Municipality of FranklinFranklin, QcWWT Aerated Lagoons2010300,000
Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Band CouncilKitigan Zibi, QcWastewater Treatment Phase II Lot 32010300,000
City of Rivière-du-LoupRivière-du-Loup, QcLeachate Treatment & Landfill Cell 72010300,000
Municipality of BrysonBryson, QcWastewater Treatment2010300,000
Municipality of BeaumontBeaumont, QcWastewater Treatmetn2010400,000
Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Band CouncilKitigan Zibi, QcWTP - Aerated Lagoons2010700,000
City of FermontFermont, QcWTP - Aerated Lagoons2010700,000
City of St.Lunaire-GriquetSt.Lunaire-Griquet, NLPumping Station Upgrade2011100,000
Cree Nation of EastmainEastmain, QcPumping Station2011100,000
Oujé-Bougoumou Eenuch AssociationOujé-Bougoumou, QcPumping Station2011100,000
City of LongueuilAéroport de St-Hubert, Longueuil, QcPumping Station2011200,000
City of Thetford MinesThetford Mines, QcWater Distribution Lot B2011200,000
Les Mines OpinacaQuébec, QcWastewater Treatment2011200,000
Municipality of CacounaCacouna, QcWTP Lot 32011200,000
City of St-MichelSt-Michel, QcWastewater Treatment2011200,000
City of MontrealMontréal, Lasalle, QcLasalle Waste Management Facility - Odour Treatment System2011200,000
Municipality of Canton de SheffordShefford, QcPumping Station and Aerated Lagoons2011300,000
Municipality of L'isletL'Islet, QcPumping Station 12011300,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcNord-Ouest Pumping Station2011400,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcWater Distribution Pipeline Replacement Phase 6A2011400,000
City of Saint JohnSaint John, NBWW Pumping Stations Upgrade2011400,000
Municipality of St-René-de MataneSt-René-de-Matane, QcPumping Station2011400,000
Municipality of St-Marc-du-lac-LongSt-Marc-du-Lac-Long, QcDrinking Water and Wastewater Treatment2011600,000
City of CarignanCarignan , QcWTP Lot 1 ph II2011700,000
Municipality of St-MichelSt-Michel, QcWasterwater Treatment2011200,000
Hydro-Québec (Beauport)Québec, QcLimoilou Lift Station - Pipe upgrade201170,000
City of CornwallCornwall, OntInstallation of Grinders201120,000
City of RimouskiRimouski, QcMechanical Process WTP2011200,000
Municipality of St-Prosper (Beauce)St-Prosper, QcSP-1 Pump Replacement201140,000
Hydro-QuébecBécancour, QcHQ Gentilly 2 Pumping Station2011100,000
MontrealMontréal, QcLa Salle - Lyette Pumping Station2011200,000
Defence Construction (1951) Ltd (Gagetown)Gagetown, NBCFB Gagetown WWTP Upgrade2011300,000
Municipality of St-AlexandreSt-Alexandre, QcPumping Station Modification201180,000
Cree Nation of EastmainEastmain, QcWastewater Treatment Phase II2011200,000
RIAESTBSte-Thérèse, QcAddition of Two Overflow Pipes To Dry Wells201130,000
Municipality of St-AlexandreSt-Alexandre, QcWastewater Treatment Station Modification2011200,000
Greater Shediac Sewerage CommissionShediac, NBScrew Pump Replacement2011300,000
City of PrincevillePrinceville, QcPumping Station Telemetry Addition2011100,000
Minister of Local GovernmentBeresford, NBWWTP Upgrade and Pumping Station2012100,000
Defence Construction (1951) Limited (Gagetown)Gagetown, NBAir Diffusers Installation2012200,000
National Capital CommissionOttawa, OntParliament Hill - Pumping Station Replacement2012100,000
City of Longueuil - Supply servicesLongueuil, QcCERS - PLCs Upgrade2012900,000
Rio Tinto Alcan (Jonquière)Usine Vaudreuil à Jonquière, QcSDRB Pumping station201260,000
Montagnais Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam CouncilUashat, QCUashat Pumping Station SP-7 - Phase B2012200,000
Town of Come By ChanceCome by Chance, NLWater Treatment Plant and Pumphouse Upgrades2012300,000
Cree Nation of WemindjiWemindji, QCAir Creebec Rd - Lift station2012200,000
Développement Charles-Mont inc.Drummondville, QCDomaine Le Vigneron - Backwashing Chamber2012100,000
Municipality of St-Luc-de-VincennesSt-Luc-de-Vincennes, QCWastewater Disinfection2012200,000
City of St-Jean-sur-RichelieuSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QCControl System Upgrade and Implementation201280,000
Municipality of NoyanNoyan, QCBackwashing Chamber & CV-12012200,000
City of Saint JohnSaint John, NBSanitary Lift Station no. 92012200,000
Municipality of St-Mathieu-de-BeloeilSt-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, QCWWTP Blower Installation201240,000
Longueuil - Supply ServicesLongueuil, QCParc de la Cité Lift Station Rehab2012300,000
Municipality of des CèdresLes Cèdres, QCLagoon Floating Curtain201240,000
City of QuebecQuebec City, QCChemin du Foulon - Pumping Station201260,000
Les Productions Horticoles Demers inc.L.E.T St-Nicéphore, QCTrap Level Detections201230,000
Municipality of St-AngesSts-Anges, QCWTP - Blower Addition201240,000
WM Québec inc.St-Nicéphore, QCTelemetry 900 MHz Network Upgrade201250,000
City of CaraquetCaraquet, NBWater Treatment Plant Renovation2012700,000
City of Fossambault-sur-le-lacFossambault-sur-le-Lac, QCAerated Lagoon Upgrades2012500,000
City of BonaventureVille de Bonaventure, QCPumping Station SP-4 Upgrade201280,000
City of MirabelMirabel, QCSte-Marianne - Water Treatment Plant Expansion20121,700,000
Town of St.Lunaire-GriquetSt.Lunaire-Griquet, NLPumphouse Upgrades2012500,000
Municipality of St-DavidSt-David, QCControl Panel Supply and Installation201220,000
City of QuebecQuebec City, QCMaizerets - Overflow Channel Enhancement201210,000
City of MarievilleMarieville, QCWater Treatment Plant Upgrades20122,400,000
City of Baie-Saint-PaulVille de Baie St-Paul, QCRegulator201240,000
Anishnabe Tribal Council of Lac-SimonLac Simon, QCPumping Station201290,000
Nouvelle Autoroute 30CJV S.E.N.CCandiac Vaudreuil-Dorion, QCHighway 30 - Pumping station2012300,000
Municipality of St-Germain-de-GranthamSt-Germain de Grantham, QCLagoons Blower Replacement2012100,000
City of LévisLévis, QCSt-Laurent - Pumping Station2012200,000
RIAESTBBlainville, QCMain Aeration Duct Replacement2012100,000
RGMRM MauricieChamplain, QCChamplain Landfill - Pumping System and Leachate Treatment Upgrades2012200,000
City of CowansvilleCowansville, QCSludge Dewatering Upgrade2012500,000
City of Acton ValeActon Vale, QcWTP Blower Replacement2012200,000
City of Acton ValeActon Vale, QCWTP Blower Replacement2012200,000
City of LavalLaval, QC100e Avenue - Pumping Station Upgrade2013700,000
City of SherbrookeSherbrooke, QCWater Intake Pumping Station Upgrades20131,500,000
Innu Council of PessamitBetsiamites, QCPisto Pumping Station201350,000
City of LévisBreakeyville, QCLift Station2013400,000
City of Thetford MinesThetford Mines, QCHaute-Bécancour's Plant - Sludge Dewatering2013300,000
City of QuebecQuebec City, QCLift Station201370,000
Municipality of St-JulesSt-Jules, QCWastewater Treatment2013100,000
WM Québec inc.Ste-Sophie, QCSte-Sophie Landfill - Biomethane Interception Well2013100,000
City of RimouskiRimouski, QCPumping Station and Valve Chambers2013300,000
City of Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldSalaberry-de-Valleyfield, QCSE La Seigneurie - WWTP Upgrade201313,500,000
Municipality of Ste-BarbeSte-Barbe, QCWater Treatment Plant and Pumping Station Lot 420131,400,000
Rural Community of Saint-AndreSt-André, NBWastewater Treatment Facility2013500,000
Town of Channel- Port Aux BasquesChannel Port aux Basques, NLWTP Upgrades ph II - SCADA Implementation2013400,000
Municipalité de St-Paul-de-MontminySt-Paul-de-Montmigny, QCWastewater Treatment2013400,000
Montagnais Band Council of NatashquanNatashquan, QCNew Pumping Station2013900,000
City of LevisLévis, QCControl Panel Manufacturing201340,000
City of QuebecQuebec City, QCColibris Pumping Station201390,000
Municipality of St-Benoit-LabreSt-Benoit-Labre, QCWWTP Improvement201390,000
Municipality of L'Isle-aux-CoudresIles-aux-Coudres, QCPumping Station PP-5201380,000
RAEVRMont-St-Hilaire, QCWTP - Design-Build AD plant201312,200,000
City of St-PascalSt-Pascal, QCBooster Station Replacement2013300,000
Municipality of St-PlacideSt-Placide, QCWater Pollution Control Plant Construction (Aerated Lagoon)2013400,000
City of RepentignyRepentigny, QCBlower Supply and Installation2013200,000
RIAESTBSte-Thérèse, QCSte-Thérèse - Pumping Station201330,000
City of MagogMagog, QCBar Screen Replacement and Upgrade2013300,000
Township of Leeds and the Thousand IslandsLansdowne, ONRailway Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades2013200,000
Municipality of l'Ange-GardienAnge-Gardien, QCAvenue Royale Lot 1 - Rehabilitation201360,000
City of St-Georges-de-BeauceSt-Georges, QCSludge Dewatering System Replacement20131,000,000
City of QuebecQuebec City, QCValet & Drolet - Pumping Stations2013900,000
City of MontrealMontreal, QCConstruction of 8 Weather Follow-Up Systems2014800,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcManifolds - Flowmeter Installation2014900,000
Les Immeubles VGH Saint-Jérôme inc.St-Jérôme, QcPumping Station Instrumentation201440,000
RRGMRP PortneufNeuville, QcUV Disinfection System Installation201420,000
Municipality of St-Jacques-le-MineurSt-Jacques-le-Mineur, QcAerated Lagoons2014200,000
City of Rivière-du-LoupRivière-du-Loup, QcSt-Jacques - Lift Station Automation201430,000
City of St-Jean-sur-RichelieuSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QcPumping Station Upgrade & Various Control System Implantation2014110,000
Municipality of St-Jacques-le-MineurSt-Jacques-le-Mineur, QcParc Landry - Wastewater Treatment2014100,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcLift Station Generator and Electricity201480,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcNaOH Dosing System201460,000
Quebec Transportation DepartmentMontréal, QcTurcot Interchange - Drainage Steel Pipe201410,000
City of SherbrookeSherbrooke, QcLajeunesse Wastewater Pumping Station201450,000
City of Pont-RougePont-Rouge, QcWastewater Treatment Plant2014400,000
Municipality of St-Barnabé-SudSt-Barnabé-Sud, QcWastewater Treatment lot 1201420,000
City of LavalLaval, QcTelemetry Phase 220141,300,000
Municipality of St-Alphonse-RodriguezSt-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QcMain Pumping Station201440,000
City of St-Jean-sur-RichelieuSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QcSupply and Installation of 2 Sluice Gates201430,000
City of GranbyGranby, QcPolymer Pumps Replacement2014100,000
City of Ste-MarieSte-Marie-de-Beauce, QcBaronet Pumping Station Upgrade201420,000
Municipality of TrécessonTrécesson, QcWater Treatment System Rehab201470,000
City of St-LazareSt-Lazare, QcWastewater Pumping Station201470,000
Permacon Group - MontréalMontréal, QcNeutralization System Installation201490,000
City of LevisLévis - St-Étienne, QcReplacement of Aerators - Pond 1A2014100,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcProvide and Install Control Panel201420,000
City of Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldSalaberry-de-Valleyfield, QcLéger Pumping Station - Rehabilitation and Modernization201490,000
9207-4327 Québec inc.St-Lin-Laurentides, QcPumping Station201480,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcConstruction of 6 Environmental Monitoring Systems2015400,000
Municipality of St-PaulSt-Paul, QcPlace Morin Lift Station Upgrades2015200,000
City of Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldSalaberry-de-Valleyfield, QcPurchasing and Installation of Variable Speed Drives and Pressure Sensors201560,000
City of CowansvilleCowansville, QcMair Pumping Station - Generator Installation2015100,000
Municipality of St-HenriSt-Henri, QcAddition of Surface Aerator201580,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcCharles-Renard Retention Basin2015100,000
Municipality of St-Barnabé-SudSt-Barnabé-Sud, QcWastewater Treatment Lot 22015200,000
City of Trois-RivièresTrois-Rivières - Pointe-du-Lac, QcPumping Station2015400,000
City of Fossambault-sur-le-lacFossambault, QcControl Panels and Generator Replacement201550,000
City of BrossardBrossard, QcPumping Station Cabinets Rehab2015300,000
Municipality of St-Blaise-sur-RichelieuSt-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, QcWastewater Treatment - Aerated Lagoons2015200,000
City of BouchervilleBoucherville, QcPumping station201570,000
County of KingCounty of King, NSLift Station Upgrades2015100,000
Municipality of the County of ColchesterTruro, NSBiosolids Facility Dewatering Upgrade2015500,000
Municipality of St-DominiqueSt-Dominique, QcPumping Station Rehab201580,000
Municipality of St-Alphonse-RodriguezSt-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QcPumping Stations, Valves and Ponds2015300,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcSt-Léandre Station - Generator2015400,000
Town of Happy-Valley-Goose-BayHappy-Valley-Goose-Bay, NLLift Station Upgrades201550,000
Town of Roddickton-Bide ArmRoddickton-Bide Arm, NLLift Station Upgrades2015500,000
Municipality of Ste-SophieSte-Sophie, QcPumping Station201570,000
Sanexen Environmental Services IncMontréal, QcSanexen - Wastewater Treatment - Ground Water Decontamination20151,500,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcCentrifugal Pumps - Electrical Work201590,000
Municipality of Stoneham-et-TewkesburyStoneham, QcRivière-Huron Sector - Pumping Station2015300,000
Miscellaneous OwnersBrossard, QcLuxor Development - Sewer Pumping Station201590,000
Miscellaneous OwnersBrossard, QcLuxor Development - Sewer Pumping Station2015200,000
City of LevisLévis Sect. St-Nicolas, QcWWTP Sludge Dewatering Capacity Increase20152,700,000
City of Rivière-du-LoupRivière-du-Loup, QcFrontenac Lift Station201520,000
Town of YarmouthYarmouth, NSDistrict Flowmeter Scada Integration2015100,000
City of KirklandKirkland, QcHymus Pump Station201530,000
Parmalat inc.Montréal, QcParmalat - Industrial Waste Treatment System20151,200,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcAirflow Control System2015200,000
City of LevisSt-Romuald, Lévis, QcRetention Pond201580,000
Town of Deer LakeDeer Lake, QcLakeside Drive Lift Station Upgrade2015200,000
City of BeauharnoisBeauharnois, QcSewage Overflow Event Recorders201590,000
City of GatineauGatineau, QcOverflow Works2016300,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcSt-Denis Pumping Station Electrical Upgrade2016100,000
City of CampbelltonCampbellton, NBWWTP Upgrade - ph2 - New Emergency Generator2016200,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcValve Control System Modification201640,000
Cree Nation of Oujé-BougoumouOujé-Bougoumou, QcBooster Pump Replacement201660,000
Les Habitations Malachite inc.Carignan, QcSewage Pumping Station201690,000
City ofTrois-RivièresTrois-Rivières, QcJ-P Lavergne Station - Self-Priming Pumps Replacement2016100,000
Municipality of St-Marc-du-lac-LongSt-Marc-du-Lac-Long, QcFilter Wash Water Drainage201620,000
City of MatagamiMatagami, QcAerated Lagoon and Pumping Station2016700,000
City of St-ConstantSt-Constant, QcControl Panels Replacement2016300,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcWWTP Sludge Transfer Pump Installation2016100,000
Nu-Tech Precision Metals inc.Arnprior, OnBrenntag Nu-Tech Plant / Dosing System201680,000
Nu-Tech Precision Metals inc.Arnprior, OnBrenntag Nu-Tech Plant / Bécancour Tank201610,000
Montagnais Band Council of NatashquanNatashquan, QcNew Pumping Station - Phase 1B201680,000
City of MontmagnyMontmagny, QcMain Pumping Station - Refurbishing of Climber Screen201680,000
City of Montreal (Wastewater)Montréal, QcOzonation Metering System2016600,000
The Crees of Waskaganish First NationWaskaganish, QcRupert Station - Control Panel201670,000
Cree Nation of MistissiniMistissini, QcLift Station201640,000
City of MontrealMontréal, QcLasalle Waste Management Facility - Odor Treatment System2016200,000
City of VarennesVarennes, QcWaste Water Flow Regulation on De l'Aqueduc Street201640,000
City of ChibougamauChibougamau, QcReconstruction of Pumping Station SP-12016100,000
City of Ste-MarieSte-Marie, QcDes Berges - Pumping Station Controls201680,000
HRWC HalifaxBedford, NSPump Station Rehabilitation20161,500,000
City of LavalLaval, QcSte-Dorothée PS - Waste Water Retention Tank201650,000
City of LavaltrieLavaltrie, QcSeepage Reduction - Sewer System- Telemetry Phase2016200,000
City of Montreal (Pierrefonds)Pierrefonds, Montréal, QcDesjardins Pumping Station Refection201640,000
City of QuebecQuébec, QcSecteur Foulon - Construction of a Retention Tank2016500,000
Municipality of St-Charles-BorroméeSt-Charles-Borromée, QcFlowmeter Installation201640,000
City of EstevanEstevan, SKWWTP Blower upgrade2016400,000
Defence Construction CanadaValcartier, QcAutomated Polymer Dosing System2016100,000
City of Sept-ÎlesSept-îles, QcLeachate Flometering System201680,000
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Featured Projects

Laval Ste-Rose Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

To meet the needs of a growing population, three water treatment plants needed upgrading. Filtrum Construction was awarded a $9 million upgrade of one of the plants which involved the complex integration of systems over the 22-month project.

Saint-Hyacinthe Biogas Plant I

In one of the first projects of its kind in Canada, Filtrum Construction was selected as general contractor for a $46 million pioneering upgrade to a bio-methanisation plant. The biggest challenge: the massive task of integrating all of the equipment.

Every job is unique and Filtrum works with each client to meet their specific goals and expectations.